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Our mission

Our mission is to provide a warm, kind and respectful environment for the children which will:

  • Nurture curiosity, creativity and imagination
  • Inspire a passion for learning
  • Aid the development of resilience and tolerance
  • Honour the legacy of Maria Montessori’s vision for world peace.

Our philosophy

The Montessori philosophy is an education for life – a learning process where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a safe, caring and carefully prepared environment designed to foster independent thinkers who are actively engaged in the learning process.

We seek to create a genuine community spirit by building rapport among teachers, the community, parents and children. At Chapel Hill Montessori, we value the relationship we have with the children’s families. Our goal is to support you in giving your child the best opportunities to achieve their full potential.

We believe the Montessori method of education is “an education for life”. The Montessori philosophy is underpinned by a profound respect for the child. The children learn to respect themselves, respect others and respect their environment. These are lifelong skills.

Our centre

Chapel Hill Montessori has been purpose designed and built to honour the Montessori method of teaching. We give careful consideration to the children's needs, parents’ needs, staff needs and the use of building materials and practices which respect the environment. Our classrooms are bigger than required, air-conditioned and fitted with fans.

In addition to the classrooms, we have a multi-purpose room that can accommodate specialist teachers, visitors, staff training, parent get-togethers, information sessions, parent seminars and a playgroup.

The outside playground features two types of sandpits, soft-fall and artificial grassed areas, children’s gardening areas and lots of undercover shade areas.

The Centre is a Sun Smart Centre and strict guidelines for sun safety are adhered to.

The first time you enter a Montessori classroom you realise both how calm and stimulating it is. The equipment and materials are displayed on low open shelves, allowing the children to choose for themselves the activities they find attractive. All the materials are child sized, self-correcting, manipulative and, where possible, real. You will find the teachers working quietly guiding either a small group or an individual child. A cooperative feeling of community can be felt and seen in the happy and busy faces of the children. This is truly a child-centered environment.

Our staff

The staff at Chapel Hill Montessori are hard-working, caring and committed professionals.

Our staff are qualified, with many having additional qualifications and life experiences, with some currently studying to further their professional base. Each staff member is a respected and valued member of our community.

The centre has an ongoing commitment to professional development and lifelong learning for its staff

Our program

The Montessori program is holistic. It invites the children to choose activities in an unhurried manner. The classroom provides for both active and quiet spaces, where children can feel free to enjoy the many activities in an unhurried atmosphere. The enormous range of equipment and materials allows each child to choose according to his or her own needs and urges. Single tables give the children a greater opportunity to work and play uninterrupted. A strong sense of order within the classroom gives the children respect, structure, freedom and a sense of belonging.

The children's day includes time both indoors and outdoors, listening/story time, music and song, art and craft, construction and dramatic play. The teachers/guides are always carefully observing to enable them to plan for your child as an individual. As the children become ready, they are introduced to new activities, concepts and skills. The special Montessori materials are designed to enhance the children's discovery and concept development.

In addition, opportunities will be made available for parents to learn more about us and the Montessori Method of education. These education sessions will be conducted in the evenings or at weekends to allow our working parents the opportunity to participate.

Class times and routines

Each classroom will develop its own routines to best accommodate the needs of the children as a group and each child as an individual. Routines are very flexible and will change as the children grow older, as they move into new groups and as the year and seasons progress. All the rooms will have their routines displayed for parents. Please feel free to discuss any specific routines your child may have with your child's Group Leader.

Hours of operation

Chapel Hill Montessori is open 5 days per week between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm. The Centre is closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas / New Year period and is closed on all statutory public holidays. Fees are payable for all booked days over the 50 weeks we are open.

The Montessori session begins at 9:00am and finishes at 3:00pm. Parents of children 15 months and over are requested to arrive no later than 8:50am to allow the children to settle without interruption into their room routines.

The Kindergarten program begins at 9.00am and finishes at 4.00pm.