Learning Through Play

Holistic Approach

The Montessori program is holistic. It invites the children to choose activities in an unhurried manner. The classroom provides for both active and quiet spaces, where children can feel free to enjoy the many activities in an unhurried atmosphere. The enormous range of equipment and materials allows each child to choose according to his or her own needs and urges. Single tables give the children a greater opportunity to work and play uninterrupted. A strong sense of order within the classroom gives the children respect, structure, freedom and a sense of belonging.

kids looking at fish

Inside and Outside

The children's day includes time both indoors and outdoors, listening/story time, music and song, art and craft, construction and dramatic play. The teachers/guides are always carefully observing to enable them to plan for your child as an individual. As the children become ready, they are introduced to new activities, concepts and skills. The special Montessori materials are designed to enhance the children's discovery and concept development.

Montessori Program

Montessori is an education for life. Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a safe and caring environment. The Montessori classroom is one which has an atmosphere of cheerful calmness, orderliness and purposeful work. It is not only a pace for individual learning but a community of children learning to interact socially in many ways.


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